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128MB-32GB Micro TF Memory Card SD Card Class 4 for Phone
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128MB-32GB Micro TF Memory Card SD Card Class 4 for Phone

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Capture more photos.","Record more video on the go, even in HD.","Play more of your favourite music.","Share more of your favourite photos and videos with your friends and family.","Keep and share more business information with colleagues and customers.","Reliability: temperature-proof, x-ray-proof, vibration-proof, shock-proof."]


Item type:TF Memory Card

Compatible with:MP3,MP4,Smart phone,bluetooth speaker,radio,cameras and other device that with TF Flash Memory card card slot.

Memory Card Type: TF Flash Memory Card

Size: 15*11*1(mm)

Two types of TF Card available:Class 6/Class 10

Kindly note:

smart phone,smart watch,bluetooth speaker or MP3 player may support max.32GB or 16GB TF card,please contact with your electronic device supplier before your bidding on large capacity TF card.

ding to common standard in electronic industry, 1GB = 1024MB, 1MB = 1024KB and 1KB = 1024byte, meanwhile, if use different format (FAT/FAT32/NTFS/RAW) to format the card, the displayed capacity may reduce a little. Because different format's file system need occupy different initial space. Like 32GB may get 29.2GB available space in NTFS file system, but maybe 29.4GB available space in FAT32, while before format, it may reach 29.5 - 29.8GB.

Package Include:

1xTF Memory Card


The colors deviation might differ due to different monitor settings.

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