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1370w Home Steamer  Iron For Travel Clothes Ironing Handheld Garment Eu Plug
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1370w Home Steamer Iron For Travel Clothes Ironing Handheld Garment Eu Plug

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Thương hiệuOEM
Xuất xứ thương hiệuChina
Xuất xứchina
Trọng lượng1380.0

Mô Tả Sản Phẩm

Steam technology:vertical and horizontal ironing, 1370W for immediate and wrinkle-free ironing New high-tech micro-heating panel heats the water tank in just 15 seconds. Powerful smooth steam flow.","Suitable for a variety of garments or fabrics. Instantly removes wrinkles from suits, shirts, dresses, delicates, even curtains or bedding.","Designed for travel, office and home:compact design, light weight, easy to store and pack in any suitcase or carry-on luggage."]


Item type:Steamer Iron

Rated power: 1370
With or without wires: Wired
Floor material: Teflon non-stick floor
Rated frequency: 50
Temperature adjustment mode: switch single mode
Temperature regulation method: mechanical temperature regulation
Rated voltage: 200-240
Product volume: 31.0 cm * 17.0 cm * 13.0cm
Rated voltage: 200-240 (V)
Color: dark blue, pink

Easy to use and safe :manufactured according to strict safety guidelines. New nozzle design for a dry yet powerful steaming experience. No ironing board required. Ensures switch is on to allow steam to flow.

Do not add water to the maximum level
Do not use the iron on yourself
For better results, use hangers to hang clothes while steaming
In case water spurts out from the nozzle of the steamer while boiling, it may be related to high mineral or impurity content. Use distilled or purified water to prevent this

Packing list:

Steamer Iron*1, Packing box*1

Note: due to different personal displays, light and contrast differences, there may be slight color difference between the picture and the real object.

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