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Set 3 Dây Kháng Lực Tập Mông & Chân Chống Trượt Kèm Túi Đựng Tiện Lợi

324.000 ₫
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Thickened, Non Slip and High Resistant: Our exercise bands is a high-quality resistant band made of high quality. the resistance band is different from other resistant bands in the market as they use white superior fabric with very high resistance that does not reduce its elasticity even after repeated use.
Suitable for variety of exercise: The resistant band assists you in different exercises and is suitable for a variety of exercise including; Yoga and Beach Body workouts. We highly recommend our booty band to help you get your perfect body and legs faster.
Easy to Use Carry: The resistant band is portable and come with a backpack for you to carry it anywhere, be it to your home, gym or even as you travel therefor you can continue with your work out routine anywhere you go.
Perfect Set of 3 size: The resistant band is easy to use and comes in different sizes and strength levels. It comes in three variations; light, medium and heavy. Therefore, you don't have to worry about the band being too stretchy or too hard as you can get your ideal size and strength level from our 3 variations.
After-Sales Service: Our resistant band has gone through rigorous testing by our company to assure its durability. We have ensured that our resistant band won't break, roll or stretch out despite your intensity of working out. Anything else, well do whatever else it takes to keep you happy.

Color:As picture
Material:Stretch Cloth
Length:76cm Wide:8cm

Packing List:
3pcs Booty Bands
1pcs Bag
1pcs User Manual

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