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Bánh Dứa Mini Vigor Kobo (15pcs)
Thương hiệu: VIGOR KOBO

Bánh Dứa Mini Vigor Kobo (15pcs)

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The crispy, aromatic crust and fresh smooth filling fill the mouth with flavor
The sweet but not sticky pineapple taste, fiber, and grains
Give a completely different feeling to other pineapple cakes
Your mouth is filled with the sweet taste of pineapple as you chew
  • Vigor Kobo Pineapple Mini Cake (15pcs) won first place in the Taipei Gift “Popularity Award” pineapple cake ratings during the Pineapple Festival, hosted by the Taipei City Government.
  • Our world-renowned 45 gram pineapple mini-cakes, comprised of the ideal proportions of 24g of crust and 21g of filling, are the favorite of many customers from Taiwan and overseas.
  • For a fresh-baked taste at home, pop the mini-cakes in the microwave or oven for a few seconds before enjoying them.
  • Suitable for vegetarians. Contains milk and eggs.
  • Storage life: 60 days.

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