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Bộ Ống Hút Silicone Tái Sử Dụng Gập Gọn Kèm Bàn Chải Làm Sạch (2 Cái/Bộ)

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UpdaitingUnlike other stainless steel straw, the whole body of our collapsible straw is made of FDA Certified food grade silicone, so you won't feel too cold or hot when sipping. Non-toxic, BPA free, No Odor, Dishwasher Safe. Collapsible design make it can be folded into a small carry case, and it will automatically restore straight when you take it out. The straw is reusable which help to create green living environment.
Collapsible: Thanks to the collapsible design, this practical straw can be folded into a small carry case, and it will automatically restore straight when you take it out.
Evironment Protection: Say goodbye to disposable straw, create green living environment from Now! Take our reusable straw with you to enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling that accompanies waste reduction.
Easy to Clean: The cleaning brush is included in the carry case, you can get your straw clear and clean right away. To keep healthy for you and your families, we recommend to clean your straw after using to reduce bacteria.
Portable: Comes with a portable carry case with ring, you can carry it with your key chain or just put it on your pocket, compact and convenient using anytime and anywhere for travel, home, office, bar, etc.
Safe and healthy: Premium Food-grade silicone, completely non toxic. FDA Approved, BPA Free, safe and healthy.
Easy to drink from and comfortable on the teeth, Perfect for any hot or cold beverages.
Length adjustable to compatible with most glasses, bottles, tumblers.
The silicone straws soft, bendy nature keeps kids and adults safe from any potential hurts on mouth, teeth or eye while drinking. Soft to bite down on but extremely practical. Perfect for you to enjoy any cold or hot drinks won't get too hot or cold unlike stainless steel straws.
Material: food grade silicone
Qty: 2pcs/set (same color)
Color: grey, green, pink, blue (optional)
Straws Length: approx. 250mm / 9.8
Straw Internal Diameter: 1/4
Cleaning Brush Length: approx. 258mm / 10.2
Weight(1pcs): 11g / 0.4ounce
Carry case size: 75 x 56 x 25mm / 3.0 x 2.2 x 1.0in
Package weight: 68g / 2.4ounce
Package Includes:
2 x Silicone Straws
2 x Travel Case
2 x Straw Cleaning Brush

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