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Carlinkit kích hoạt Apple Carplay không dây Phiên bản thế hệ thứ 2.0 Kết nối Carplay không dây nhanh hơn, ổn định hơn. Dễ sử dụng Không cần tháo lắp màn hình, cắm thiết bị vào cổng USB hỗ trợ Carplay và kết nối.

Color: Black


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This product is only suitable for cars with Carplay, please check whether your car has Carplay

This Carplays box can transfer the car cable to wireless Carplays, easily say goodbye to the data line, do not dismantle the car screen, simple installation, plug and play, wireless connection, comprehensive upgrade, advanced driving enjoyment.

It is suitable for most models on the market, and more car owners can use it.
5.8G Hz authentication module, the connection speed is improved, the transmission speed is faster, not easy be interfered by wireless, and the delay is little.
Standard type-C interface, with a type-C data cable, can be replaced.
Different color indicator design, red light shows that the power on, green light shows that the connection is successful, simple and clear.
Independent control of volume.
It can realize the steering wheel control to answer the phone and hanging up the phone, which makes driving more convenient and improves the safety of driving.
Dashboard display songs, outstanding quality sense.
It can be upgraded online and the operation is simple.
Continue the car button operation, retain the car sound quality, get on the car automatically connect.

Color: black, white (optional)
Material: ABS
Voltage: 5V
Power: 0.25W
Item size: 80 * 46mm / 3.1 * 1.8in
Item weight: 90g / 3.2ounce
Package size: 115 * 130 * 35mm / 4.5 * 5.1 * 1.4in
Package weight: 138g / 4.9ounce

Note: only compatible with Apple system

Package List:
1 * Carplays Boxes
1 * Type-C Data Cable

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