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Đồ Chơi Rubik Kim Tự Tháp Moyu Moyu
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Đồ Chơi Rubik Kim Tự Tháp Moyu Moyu

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The colourful box packaged,it is good ideal as gift for your kid Good quality,environmental material safe and health for children To attractive children attentin,improve children aknowledge

This is the pyraminx Puzzle in the Moyu cube series This cube is smooth right out of the box, for better quality need lube, tension, and breaking in time It is a fast cube with great corner cutting, very good on the revise Easy & Smooth to move high quality Competition level speed cube very fast with excellent cornering Solve it when each side matches Some might say it is better than any pyraminx in the market right now Try it, and enjoy something much better!
Material:ABS safe plastics polygonal Puzzle toy 100% Brand new Color:Black/White Size: 9.5*9.5*9.5cm Package Includes: 1 x cube

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