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Dung Dịch Lau Chùi TV ECOLA CD-EL200 (200ml)

Dung Dịch Lau Chùi TV ECOLA CD-EL200 (200ml)

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Product Information Product Information

(ECOLA) double efficient high-capacity cleaning solution CD-EL200 (200ml)

Model: CD-EL200

Capacity: 200ml

Storage environment: room temperature, dry and cool place storage

Can be safely applied to: TV TV, LCD monitor, PC computer screen, body shell, laptop, tablet LCD screen, keyboard, play

Printing machines, fax machines and other office supplies surface cleaning.

The use of Eisole double efficient ingredients, non-alcoholic, non-ammonia, does not contain sodium dodecyl sulfate.

Zero damage to the screen
Product Features Selling Point

Ebene double efficient formula. Can easily remove the fingerprints, grease, dust does not leave any water, wipe the screen after the bright as new, flat touch

Control the screen more strong smooth components. No alcohol, no ammonia, no sodium dodecyl sulfate and other large capacity replacement equipment, the average daily cleaning LCD TV

(32 inch example), laptop, tablet computer, the service life can be more than 500 days. Can be used with LCD TV dedicated cleaning kit PDP103 use.
Product Details Product Details
Size information Size Information
Tips for Kindly Remind

1, please put in the children is not easy access to the place, do not use clean skin, eyes.

2, please put in the dry and cool place at room temperature storage.

3, before using this product, please carefully read the equipment instructions, to avoid damage to equipment.

4, to ensure that the equipment is turned off in accordance with the specifications required to clean.

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