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Edifier (EDIFIER) R86 Jingdong version bass small steel gun 2.1 multimedia speakers sound black
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Edifier (EDIFIER) R86 Jingdong version bass small steel gun 2.1 multimedia speakers sound black

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The same time as the above-
Edifier quality in the speaker industry well-known far and near, with years of deep technical accumulation, to create a large number of outstanding products. Of course, the quality of Edifier is not only reflected in the high-end products, even the entry-level products, Edifier also devoted a lot of energy, such as the new launch of this because of the excellent bass and known as "hundred small steel" R86, They inherited the classic acoustic design and technical accumulation.
R86 subwoofer with 4-inch double magnetic subwoofer unit, in the main magnet behind the addition of a sub-magnet, get better magnetic field strength, so that the coil movement is more sensitive and powerful, with excellent low-frequency performance. With 360 � omnidirectional pressurized design, the woofer is set under the box, effectively enhancing the sound pressure level, low frequency more powerful, and more uniform.
Small steel gun R86 innovative use of the cross bar hollow feet, four corners to abandon the traditional single high pad feet, and the use of horizontal grille structure, combined with a solid and acoustic needs, while improving the stability and mechanical strength, The bass is easier to export. At the same time the use of E0 in the density of wooden box effectively eliminate bad resonance and box sound, bring more pure natural sound performance. At the same time E0 level environmental standards also means that the environment is more green and safe.
R86 satellite box unit with an outer diameter of 50mmx90mm oval speaker, cone diaphragm with a special coating material, treble transparent, full range of rounded full, excellent sound quality. Full anti-magnetic design to eliminate the surrounding mobile phones, flat, and other equipment security risks, while the speaker is also more free.
Edifier R86 speakers also attach great importance to the use of different areas of the user's particularity, such as built-in 100-240V wide voltage power adapter, 100-240V in a variety of power grids can be used to solve the voltage fluctuations in the power grid and remote areas Of the voltage instability and other issues.

R86 uses AC97 standard connection, support 3.5mm interface, compatible with desktop computers, notebooks, mobile phones, MP3 and other equipment, can be described as a multi-purpose machine. The connection using the standard way also simplifies the connection, so wiring is very simple.
Edifier combined with the use of desktop users environment, small steel gun R86 with a small elevation design, can provide better near sound field listening effect, more suitable for desktop system to listen.
Satellite box with bracket and box integration design, the application of quite new vertical grid design, modeling novel, greatly enriched the speaker shape.
In the R86 on the subwoofer placed on the integrated side of the adjustment panel, from top to bottom in turn set the main volume adjustment knob, audio signal input, audio signal output, power switch and power indicator. Greatly optimize the operation and connection to ensure that the box to stay more effective space, the sound more pleasant, intuitive and convenient operation.
The front of the ring before the inverted hole design, it highlights the Edifier used to a good industrial design and exquisite workmanship tradition, R86 front ring inverted hole around the ring was polished, the details and beauty is evident.
Positioning the online version of the R86 in the product of a single product packaging can be used directly network transport thickening corrugated paper, can avoid secondary packaging, green.
Through the previous introduction can be seen, Edifier did not because the R86 positioning entry level and give up the pursuit of professional, on the contrary from the rigorous internal materials, innovative unique acoustic design to the product appearance and work of excellence, can feel this The product is condensed by the professional and the cruiser's intentions.

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