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Floating Hand Grip for Gopro Hero 5 6 Black - Floating Handle Mount with Thumb Screw / Adjustable Wrist Strap / Wrench / Conversion Adapter / Trigger

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The Floating Handle Hand Grip Compatible with Gopro Hero 6/5 Camera. Keep your GoPro Cameras floating in the water to discover the whimsical beauty of an unknown underwater world, keep your camera on the water surface and prevent it from drowning. Rubberized silicone handle for all-day comfort and grip; Adjustable wrist strap to keep it close; Adapters for tripod socket and smart-phones. Comes with the trigger - function as shutter release, It will be easy to press the shutter button. Ensure you the convenience to capture your favorite cool shots instantly and stably. Perfect for photography during deep sea diving, snorkelling, scuba diving, swimming, surfing and other water sports activities.

- Specification:

- Material: plastic
- Size: 185mm/7.3inch

Package Includes:

1Piece Floating Hand Grip
1Piece Long Thumbscrew
1Piece Wrist Strap
1Piece Wrench
1Piece Conversion Adapter
1Piece Trigger

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