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Natural cork

Kích thước(3) 81x11x2mm, (1) 91x13x2mm


Material: Natural cork
With good flexibility, sealing, noise resistance, abrasion resistance
With excellent ability to compress


Product Category: Clarinet Cork
Weight: 10g
Material: natural cork
Dimensions: (3) 81x11x2mm, (1) 91x13x2mm
Glue bonding method:
Clean the interface. (Put the cork on the boiling water cup. Steam it with hot air so that the elasticity will be better. It is not easy to break.) The cork is cut with a small bevel, and the bevel should be cut at the beginning. Cut the good amount, apply glue to dry for a while, then stick it down bit by bit, glue it and fix it with rope for more than 12 hours. Try it if it is tight, then sand it with sandpaper, grind it to the right, and finally apply cork paste


Premium Quality: Made of natural cork, soft and lightweight. with strong self adhesive sticky on the back,are soft to touch, not easy to break. The natural softwood is textured well, which is odorless, and the surface is Anti-slip.
Good Flexibility: With good flexibility, sealing, noise resistance, abrasion resistance.Perfect for the replacement worn and non-functioning clarinet pads,Each pads can be well-constructed to ensure tight seals
Self-Adhesive: With excellent ability to compress.You can draw or write on cork tiles. Add your own ideas. Create a unique art craft. The thickness can also overlap. Each cork board can be glued to itself.

Packing list

1xClarinet Cork(91x13x2mm)
3xClarinet Cork(81x11x2mm)


All images and descriptions are for illustrative purposes only. Product specification, functions and appearance may vary by actual usage. The color deviation is subject to actual system configuration and slight dimension difference is allowed due to manual measurement. We recommend you could check with sales for exact offers if need.

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