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MắT KíNh Đèn Led Chạy Chữ Bluetooth Cảm Biến Nhạc

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The rated capacity is 180 mAH
Long battery life, up to 500 cycles. High power, long life LED lamp beads
The charging status is displayed in red and charging is completed automatically
LED lamp beads work with batteries and can be re-used to recharge them after use
The 8 gear positions are 8 modes, and long press to close again

Name: LED Glasses
App control: 180 mAh battery capacity
USB charging: 5V / 1A
Housing material: ABS
Lamp beads: 0603 lamp beads
Number of lights: 200
Charging time: 1 hour
Applicable: unisex
Load Index: Medium
Battery life: 5 hours
Battery composition: lithiumion
Battery type: lithium polymer
Battery size: 35*5*12mm
Number of batteries: 1
Number of batteries in the battery pack: 1
Wattage per battery: 0.56
Battery performance: polymer battery
Battery capacity: 180mAh
Power input voltage: 5 V 1A
Load type: charging USB interface
1. The phone scans the code, or searches the app Glow Glasses to download the app.
2. Turn on the phone case switch and mobile phone Bluetooth
3. Click inside the connected device
4. Click on Start Connection to open a cool moment.
5. Feel free to edit and doodle your favorite dynamic patterns
Technical characteristics
1. The rated capacity of this product is 180mAH
2. Long life battery, up to 500 cycles
3. Adopt energy-saving, high-power, long-life LED lamp beads
4. Charging protection: The charging status is red, and the charging is full
1. Fully charged, LED lights can be used continuously for about 6 hours
2. After fully charged, please cut off the power in time
 3. It is forbidden to use over-powered chargers (eg 9V/2A, 12V/2a,5V/3A, etc )and maintain safe charging operation
4. Do not use the product while it is being charged to avoid burning the LED bulb or the internal charging parts of the power supply
5. Do not expose this product to rain or moisture
6. Non-professionals should not disassemble the glasses casually to avoid the danger of charging.
Package list:
1*LED Glasses
1*USB Charging Cable

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