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Kem Dưỡng Ẩm Vùng Da Mắt Tinh Chất Hạt Nho L'Oreal LOREAL (15ml)
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Kem Dưỡng Ẩm Vùng Da Mắt Tinh Chất Hạt Nho L'Oreal LOREAL (15ml)

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Moisturizing replenishment: yes
Category: Cleanser / Cream
Crowd: Ms.
Deep cleaning: yes
Product InformationProduct Information

LOREAL moisturizing foam cleansing cream 125ml

Product Specifications: 125ml
Product Origin: Jiangsu Product Efficacy: Moisturizing, moisturizing Suitable Skin Type: Normal to Dry Skin Shelf Life: 3 years (subject to actual product)
How to use: Take appropriate amount in the palm of your hand, water gently rub out the foam, gently massage the face, wash with water.

Product featuresProduct Function
Dark skin, lack of dry, lack of flexibility are common skin problems in modern women! Simple moisturizing care can not meet the daily needs of the skin.
L'Oreal moisturizing foam cleansing cream, deep clean the skin, fresh and moist feeling, no sense of tension.
L'Oreal moisturizing foam cleansing cream, contains the basic minerals needed for the skin, to clean and remove makeup and dirt, moisturizing cream, nourishing soft skin, no tension, make the skin 徜 愉 fresh and comfortable feeling of pleasure.
ProductsProducts Exhibition
L'Oreal moist foam cleanser, moisturizing, moisturizing care. Hydra drank in, Q pops out.
Old and new packaging random delivery, packaging changes, the same effect, please rest assured to buy
BrandBrand Introduction
Paris L'Oreal through the combination of technology and beauty, and constantly seek innovation, research and development of new product formulations, at reasonable prices, to provide consumers with high quality, excellent cost-effective products and services. Since 1907, the birth of non-toxic synthetic hair dyes, and now Paris L'Oreal's products have expanded from the hair dye to the skin care, cosmetics and many other areas in China, Paris L'Oreal's five major product lines for the professional skin care series, make-up series, household hair series, Hair care series and men's skin care series. In order to beautify the United States into the beauty of the product culture, art, philosophy, the beauty of "from fingertips to the tip of the" people around the world, Paris L'Oreal in the world carefully selected the industry stars, the formation of "Dream Team" to Witness the power of L'Oreal Paris, from different angles about the beauty of L'Oreal Paris without borders, and the "L'Oreal Paris, you deserve!" "Because you are worth it!" The beauty of the concept of a classic!

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