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Keo nhựa resin tiêu 405nm có mùi thấp không độc hại 250ml cho máy in DLP/LCD
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Keo nhựa resin tiêu 405nm có mùi thấp không độc hại 250ml cho máy in DLP/LCD

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Color: Red


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Thương hiệuOEM
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Xuất xứchina
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Mô Tả Sản Phẩm

High quality photopolymer resin with high hardness(84D), low odor and non-toxic.
General-purpose rapid resin, with great hardness and toughness, low shrinkage, can achieve better printing effect.
Good fluidity and fast curing speed, which can significantly reduce printing time.
The surface of finished articles is smooth and high precision for comfortable feeling.
Compatible with most DLP/LCD light curing 3D printer, and widely used in teaching, toy design, jewelry, handicrafts, etc.

Color: White/ Grey/ Transparent/ Green/ Red(optional)
Bottle Material: Plastic
Capacity: 250ml
Apply: For DLP/LCD 3D Printer
Solidify Wavelength: 395-405nm
Layer Thickness: 0.02-0.1mm
Normal Exposure Time: 3-10s
Recommended Exposure Time: 8s
Bottom Exposure Time: 30-50s
Viscosity(25℃): 100-180 mPas
Glass Transition Temperature: 180℃

Parameters of Finished Product --
Flexural Modulus: 1.8-2.4Mpa
Flexural Strength: 59-70Mpa
Heat Distortion Temperature: 120 ℃
Thermal Expansion Coefficient: 95*E-6
Shrinkage of Vol.: 3.72-4.24%
Shrinkage of Linear: 1.05-1.35%
Tensile Strength: 36-62Mpa
Elongation at Break: 11-20%
Hardness: 84D
Density: 1.07-1.12g/cm3
Impact Strength of Notch: 44-49j/m

Item Size: 12.5 * 6 * 6cm/ 4.9 * 2.4 * 2.4in
Item Weight: 291g/ 10.3oz
Package Size: 13.5 * 9 * 8cm/ 5.3 * 3.5 * 3.1in
Package Weight: 350g/ 12.3oz

1. The product is for one-time use and can not be reused.
2. Please shake the resin and place it for 30 minutes before use. Stating for 30 minutes eliminates bubbles generated during shaking.
3. Wear mask and gloves before use to avoid direct contact with the skin and keep the room ventilated, protective measures should be taken and thoroughly cleaned after operation.
4. It is recommended that ambient temperature be controlled at 25-30℃, to avoid direct light during use.
5. Store under cool, shade and dry environment without direct, recommended storage environment temperature of 25-30℃.
6. Abandoned bottle should be disposed of in accordance with local environmental regulations.
7. Due to light, screen resolution and other factors, there will be some differences between the actual color and the picture display color of the finished products. Please understand. Thank you.

Packing List:
1 * Bottle Resin Material

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