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Khuôn Nướng Bánh Bí Ngô Mini CHEF MADE WK9223
Thương hiệu: CHEF MADE

Khuôn Nướng Bánh Bí Ngô Mini CHEF MADE WK9223

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Packing: single pack
Baking tools: DIY mold
Product InformationProduct Information

Chefs CHEF MADE Tri-pattern 12 cups

【Brand】 learn kitchen 【Product Specifications】 1 / box 【Product Size】 ∮ 325 * 258 * 22 / cup: ∮ 67, column ∮ 15mm 【Material】 heavy steel + non-stick coating [SGS quality inspection] National food contact standards, and can be distributed in any country around the world

What is the need to pay attention to the use of mold in the matter?
1. Wipe clean with warm water and cleanser before first use. 2. Try to reduce the cleaning, with kitchen paper or towel to dry grease on it. 3. After each cleaning to completely dry the water, mold curling of the water droplets to dry or thrown, so as to avoid rust. The best way is to put the oven in a low temperature oven. 4. prohibit empty roast, temperature 230 degrees, it is recommended to wipe oil (edible oil can be used), you can extend the use of results. 5. After cooling and then clean, cool and then into the refrigerator, to avoid high temperature difference. 6. Do not use sharp tools to cut on the mold surface. Remember! Do not put it into a microwave oven.

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