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Máy Cắt Dây Cáp Tròn (4.5-25mm) Pro'sKit 8PK-325 Xanh Tím Than
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Máy Cắt Dây Cáp Tròn (4.5-25mm) Pro'sKit 8PK-325 Xanh Tím Than

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Brand Pro'sKit tool assure high quality and safe reliance Good material makes it durable in use High precise of contacting operation makes perfect work effect Multiapplications for you to choose fromOriginal Pro'sKit 8PK-325 round cable slitting and ringing tool (strip cables 4.5-25mm diameter) wire stripper, cable stripper.
Rotate the tool by clockwise direction 2-3 times.
Brand Pro'sKit tool assure high quality and safe reliance.
V-shape cable holder gives users a good operating experience.
Users can push the shaft to the left end to get a longitudinal cuts quickly.
Turning the adjusting screw can help users to work with less force on operation.
Application (strip dimension): strip cables from 4.5-25mm (0.18~1.0) diameter.
The V-shape cutter adjusting nut get right exposed length of blade, which meet the cable thickness.
Material: ABS + Fiber glass
Blade holder: Plastic
Overall length: 150mm
Application: cables from 4.5-25mm (0.18~1.0) diameter
Replacement blade mode NO.: 5PK-325-BL
Package size: 26.5 x 10.5 x 3cm / 10.4 x 4.1 x 1.2in
Package weight: 156g / 5.5oz
Package list:
1 x Pro'sKit 8PK-325 Round Cable Slitting and Ringing Tool

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