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Máy sưởi ấm bằng gốm PTC cách nhiệt băng điện 140 * 50mm nguồn đầu vào 220 V 500W

318.000 ₫
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Thương hiệuOEM
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Mô Tả Sản Phẩm

This kind ofthermostatic-Insulated PTC ceramic air h-eater is wide applaictions forhumidifier /Air cleaner/ f-resh air fan/ pets nest etc. Adoptedinsulated design, it is odorless and over-temperature protection. What are you waiting for? Just come and buy.

Adopted 230℃ insulated high temperature resistant bracket/ 200℃ insulated high temperature resistant conductor/ 300℃ insulated high temperature resistant protective cover design, it is nice and s-afe to use.
Made of superb PTC ceramic material,electric energy is converted into heat energy in 0.1s after p-ower on and transferred to the surface of aluminum s-hell in 10s, quick response.
Adopted with ceramic constant temperature heating technology, f-ast reation, reliable to enjoy its performance.
Can work well in <95% temperature environment for long while
Low noise and up to20,000 hours long working hours.
Mini size, light weight and easy installation, it is portable and space-saving.
Perfectly used forhumidifier /Air cleaner/ f-resh air fan/ pets nest etc.

Input Voltage:220V
Material: PTC ceramic
Leading wire length: 200mm
Item size:140 * 50 * 26mm/5.5 * 2 * 1inches(Length * Width * Height)
Package size: 145 * 105 * 85mm/ 5.7 * 4.1 * 3.3inches(Length * Width * Height)
Package weight: 200g/ 7.1ounces

1. Included 160℃normally closed temperature control protector
2.The dry burning temperature of the h-eater surface is about 200 ℃ without air, but the heat should be brought out by the fan during normal use.
3.There is no distinction between positive and negative wiring.

Packing List:
1 *hermostatic-Insulated PTC ceramic air h-eater

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