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Máy Sưởi Ấm Kiêm Pin Sạc Dự Phòng 6000 Mah

520.200 ₫
578.000 ₫
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asaThưởng 2,60 ASA (≈ 533đ)

Size: Type 1

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Thông tin chi tiết

Thương hiệuOEM
Xuất xứ thương hiệuChina
Xuất xứchina

Mô Tả Sản Phẩm

The rechargeable hand warmer is handy carrying anywhere with any pocket or bag while sporting, fishing, hiking, camping, skiing, travel, or playing sports outdoors. Also a perfect reusable hand warmer solution in cold weather for a commuter or office worker.

[Multifunction]All-in-one function, integrating power bank, and hand warmer, that's a great choice for last a full workday, long car ride, or hiking trip.
[Keep Warm]Your hands are the most vulnerable in the cold, and these electric hand warmers put out enough heat to keep them warm even in freezing temperatures.
[Adjustable Temperature]You can change the temperature in 2 levels to meet people with different temperature perceptions.
[Large Capacity]6000mAh Large capacity can give a full charge to mainstream digital devices on market, and other electronic devices charged via USB cable.
[Massage Function]Hand warmer comes with Tens & EMS pulse massager, which can help you relieve sore shoulders, neck, waist, and legs, etc. (Only for Type 2)

Types: Type 1(Without massage function); Type 2(With massage function) (Optional)
Color: Beige
Material: ABS, Aluminum Alloy, Silicone
Style: Practical
Battery Capacity: 6000mAh(3*2000mAh Llithium Battery)
Heating Mode: 2 Modes
Working time: 4-8h
Input/Output: DC5V/2A
Occasion: Home, Outdoor, Travel, Office, etc
Item Size: 13*7.7*6.6cm / 5.11*3.03*2.59inch
Package Size: 9.2*10.5*15.8cm / 3.62*4.13*6.22inch
Package Weight: 420g/0.92lb(Type 1);465g/1.02lb(Type 2)

Package List:
1 * Rechargeable Hand Warmer
1 * USB Charging Cable
1 * User Manual

1. Because of photograph light or other reasons, the picture and material object may have slight difference, please in kind prevail.
2. Please do not put this product near the fire source.
3. Do not disassemble the product by yourself. Thanks!

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