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Poooli L3 300dpi Portable Thermal Printer 57.5mm/79.5mm/110mm Paper Width BT Wireless Photo Printer Grayscale Mode
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Poooli L3 300dpi Portable Thermal Printer 57.5mm/79.5mm/110mm Paper Width BT Wireless Photo Printer Grayscale Mode

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Mô Tả Sản Phẩm

【Portable Printer】: Support Wireless BT 4.0 connected with smartphone, please follow the user guide to download relative APP Poooli on your smartphone, you can print anytime and anywhere when they connect successfully. It also supports connection printing with computers.
【3 Print Sizes】: Support printing 57.5mm/79.5mm/110mm thermal paper width, 30mm roll diameter. Users can use different width of printing paper according to their needs, and no longer worry about the limited print size.
【Super Clear Eye Protection】: Printer adopts high quality print head and exclusive grayscale technology, printing photos are more realistic and natural, and surpass the similar products on the market. 300DPI resolution, the actual print definition is equivalent to 600DPI, super clear printing effect.
【Can Print The Entire Test Paper】: 110mm paper width, like the size of the book. You can directly print the whole test paper or the exercise question, and you can do it at any time at home.
【Printing All You Like】: Support print photos, messages, lists, barcodes, hand drawing, OCR text recognition, wrong questions, banners, files, web printing and so on. The APP offers a variety of emoticons and themes to make your content stylish, fun and practical.
【Built-in Battery】: Built-in 2500mAh rechargeable battery. Working in low noise, the thermal printer does not need ink cartridge when using, low operation cost.

Model: L3
Color: White
Material: ABS
Print Type: Thermal Printing
Resolution: 300dpi + Grayscale Technology
Input Power: DC 5V, 2A
Paper Width: Support 57.5mm/79.5mm/110mm
Roll Diameter: 30mm
Effective Print Width: Max.104mm
Thermal Paper Compatible: Regular/Adhesive/Label
(Note: The label paper should use the official designated label paper)
Power Supply: Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Battery: 7.4V, 2500mAh
Connection: BT 4.0/USB Type-C
System Supported: Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Mac
APP Language: Chinese, English, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, Thai
Item Size: 140mm * 93mm * 43.5mm / 5.5 * 3.7 * 1.7in
Item Weight: 460g / 16.2oz
Package Size: 17.3 * 10.8 * 5.7cm / 6.8 * 4.3 * 2.2in
Package Weight: 675g / 23.8oz

1. Android: Download Link: Password: 111111 or you can download APP(Poooli) from Google Play Store.
2. IOS: You can download APP(Poooli) from APP Store.
3. PC Driver Download Link:
4. BT connection is only available via APP.
5. The label paper should use the official designated label paper.

Packing List:
1 * Thermal Printer
1 * USB Cable
1 * Thermal Paper Roll(110mm)
1 * User's Manual(Chinese/English/Japanese/French/Italian/German/Spanish/Korean/Thai/Russian)

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