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Talking vending machine Pororo toy mart play shopping game
Thương hiệu: pororo

Talking vending machine Pororo toy mart play shopping game

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Thương hiệupororo
Độ tuổi3+
Xuất xứ thương hiệuKorea
Chất liệuABS
Hướng dẫn cách chơiNever put it in your mouth. There is a risk of swallowing it incorrectly. It's made of exquisite parts and joints. Do not bend or throw each part with excessive force. Be careful not to insert your finger into the gap in the deformation. There is a sharp point in the nature of the product. Please pay special attention to handling. Do not store in hot, cold places and direct sunlight for a long time. Do not ride on the product or place heavy objects on it. Do not put it in water or contaminate it and do not wipe it with volatile substances such as alcohol or thinner. Do not engage in violent games of throwing or wielding at people or animals. Risk of blindness or injury.
Hướng dẫn bảo quảnKeep away from heat sources such as fireplaces.
Trọng lượng1
Kích thước185 x 265 x 105 mm


The children are favourite cartoon characters design.
button is pressed, the production and a coin.
beverage coming out of toys if you put real money.
A light and voice guidance and attention with a pickup.
Talking vending machine Pororo toy mart play shopping game


Put the coin in and press the button, and the lights will flash and the drinks will come out.





Please put in a pretty sign.

Please put a sticker on the can and coin.

Please put the drink in the talking vending machine.

Sprite is placed in the cider compartment, in the same column as in the picture.




Put a coin in the slot (if you don't put the coin in, the drink won't come out)

Choose a drink you like and press the button.

There's a light, a sound effect, a "Thank you" or "Please Come Again" voice.

- Sometimes drinks come out randomly and sometimes they don't.




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