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Usborne Wind-up Bus
Tác giả: Fiona Watt

Usborne Wind-up Bus

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Công ty phát hànhUsborne Publishing
Nhà xuất bảnUsborne
Ngày xuất bản03-2018
Kích thước314 x 248 x 43 mm
Loại bìaBoard book


Wind-Up Bus Book With Slot-Together Tracks

A wind-up model of a red, double-decker London bus and four tracks take you on a tour of the famous city. Find out about London's most famous landmarks and attractions as your bus stops on its way. The four tracks can also be taken out of the book and joined together to make one huge track for the bus to travel around.

Review: Usborne Wind Up Bus Book

This is hands down Oscar’s favourite toy at the moment.

We had a visit last weekend from his auntie and she brought along this as a present for him and boy does he love it. It’s Usborne’s Wind Up Bus book. It’s something I’d never heard of before and when we saw it we thought it was great. Basically it’s a ‘book’ in which every page contains a track that the wind up bus can travel along. You can pop the book down on the floor, wind up the bus and watch it go around the landmarks on the map. As if that wasn’t fun enough you can pull all four pieces out and slot them together, creating a larger track.

There’s a lot that you could do with this book and it could easily entertain kids of various ages. At the moment Little O loves watching the bus move (or, more accurately, trying to pick it up Godzilla-style) but as time goes on we could read the story together, learn about different objects like cars and buildings, and then move on to the landmarks. As a little note it’s suitable for ages 36 months+ so if you’re hoping to buy it for a bus-mad little one you’ll need to take care with the bus toy because of the small parts.

Like I said, the bus is his favourite thing about this right now and he wasn’t happy when it was time for it to return to the station (aka somewhere far out of reach). He’d quite happily walk around all day chewing on it but with the little wheels and cogs it’s just not a good idea. We’ll bring it out every now and again though for him to marvel at.

There’s a whole collection apparently, so if buses aren’t your kid’s thing there’s also fire engines, tractors, trains and even ladybirds. They’re not too pricey so you could build a collection up over time. They’d also make a great gift, especially the landmark-laden bus book if you’re based in London.

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