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Xiaomi Youpin Jeeback G3 Máy mát xa cổ không dây bằng điện TENS Xung giảm đau cổ 4 đầu Máy rung làm nóng Dụng cụ mát xa cổ tử cung
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Xiaomi Youpin Jeeback G3 Máy mát xa cổ không dây bằng điện TENS Xung giảm đau cổ 4 đầu Máy rung làm nóng Dụng cụ mát xa cổ tử cung

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Thương hiệuXiaomi
Xuất xứ thương hiệuChina
Xuất xứchina

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BEFORE YOU PURCHASE PLEASE NOTED: This product is a product under the Xiaomi ecological chain. The product itself does not contain the Xiaomi logo
  • Model Number : Jeeback G3 Electric Wireless Neck Massager

    State of Assembly : Ready-to-Go

    Scale : 1:8

    Features : Solar

    Gyro : Neck Massager

    Control Channels : 2 Channels

    Max Speed : Jeeback G3

    Youpin Jeeback G3 Electric Wireless Neck Massager TENS Pulse Relieve Neck Pain 4 Head Vibrator Heating Cervical Massage Tools




    Before Purchase Please Note:

    This product is a product under the Xiaomi ecological chain. The product itself does not contain the Xiaomi logo




    Brand: Jeeback

    Name: Neck Massager

    Model: G3

    Rated Power: 5W

    Rated Voltage: 3.7V

    Net Weight: 150g

    Power Supply: Polymer Battery

    Package Size: 180mm*170mm*60mm

    Remote Control Size: 80mm*40mm

    Package Included:

    1 X Neck Massager

    1 X Charging Cable

    1 X Remote Control

    4 Head Massage, 4 Times Effect

    TENS pulse massage | Double effect hot compress | Increase contact surface by 25%

    Increased Contact Area By 25%

    Small size, convenient

    Tens Pulse Massage, Completely Relax Neck Muscles

    Medically, low-frequency pulsed current therapy is a method of treating diseases with pulsed current of less than 1000 Hz. Using the TENS low-frequency pulse principle to simulate four major massage techniques, tapping, scraping, acupuncture, massage, and combined modes. 4 massage techniques combined with 10 levels of strength selection, there must be a set of settings suitable for your cervical spine. Caring for the cervical spine turned out to be so simple.

    83 Deep Massages Per Minute, Say Goodbye To Stiff Neck Muscles

    4-head wrap design, deep massage more areas of neck. The traditional double-headed neck protector will cause needle tingling pain when it deviates from the electrode during use. G3 uses 4 massage heads, double positive poles and double negative poles to form a comprehensive package, no matter how the user shakes, it will ensure that at least one side of the positive and negative poles are connected, and the use of unconstrained neck protection is more convenient.

    360 ° Omnidirectional Floating Massage Head

    Flexible fit, Freedom of movement

    Constant Temperature Hot Compress

    > Double-effect soothing > Warm and comfortable

    Small And Light Only 150g

    Efficient care of entertainment time

    A Charge, Can Be Used For 8 Days

    If you use 30 minutes a day, you can continue to use it for 8 days. If there is no contact with the skin, it will automatically shut down after 60 seconds of no operation to ensure safe use and save electricity.



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