Martin Lindstrom

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It all began one bright and optimistic summer's day in 1982 when ambitious 11–year–old Martin Lindstrom opened the doors to his very own LEGOLAND. The miniature village had been meticulously prepared, complete with bonsai trees, scooped out inch wide canals and featured numerous houses and ships constructed entirely out of LEGO Young Martin's mini LEGOLAND was the centerpiece of his parents’ backyard, and its creator anticipated a multitude of fascinated visitors. Not a single guest showed up. Aware that something more than mere brilliant design was needed to attract visitors, Martin had a brainwave: advertise! He promptly persuaded the local newspaper to run an ad — a simple act that was powerful enough to reveal the power of marketing. Sure enough, the following week 131 people streamed through the garden gate. Including two lawyers from LEGO, who very politely informed Martin that if he persisted in using the name 'LEGOLAND' he would be guilty of trademark infringement. Intrigued by the idea that someone else and not he had ownership and total control of his favorite toy’s name, and seduced by the manifest power of advertising, Martin decided to open his own advertising agency, which he succeeded in doing a couple of months later, at the age of 12. After selling his agency in 1988, Lindstrom attended the Academy of Advertising before joining international giant, BBDO. In 1994 he went on to form the groups first interactive agency; BBDO Interactive. Three years later he founded BBDO Interactive Asia Pacific, both agencies growing to become the largest Internet solution companies in their respective regions. By the age of 30, Lindstrom had been appointed global COO of British Telecom/Looksmart. Working out of London and Sydney, his primary role was to establish a global operation with offices across 18 countries. According to the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the unusually rapid ascent of Lindstrom's career is responsible for the guru status he has today as one of today's most respected branding minds in the world. Lindstrom is on the road 300 days annually sharing his brand of wisdom and pioneering methodologies through close to one hundred speaking engagements and high-profile advisory assigments to high profile brands, countries, celebrities and royal families. Martin Lindstrom is the author of 5 books, including collaborative works with industry icons such as Dr. Philip Koter Kotler on Marketing), Paco Underhill Why We Buy), Dr. Don Peppers, Martha Rogers 1to1 Marketing) and Patricia Seybold ( Buyology - Truth and Lies About Why We Buy (Doubleday, New York), has been translated into over 40 languages.