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Bàn Phím Dạ Quang Logitech G413 -Đen

Bàn Phím Dạ Quang Logitech G413 -Đen

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The same time as
Interface: USB
Body Brand: Other
Keyboard standard: 108 keys
Transmission: cable
Body Type: Other
Colour: Black
Backlight effect: monochrome backlit
Brand: Logitech Logitech
Type: keycap
Deductive metal aesthetics
Enjoy the mechanical passion
Mechanical game keyboard
Logitech G413 mechanical game keyboard (black) full-size backlit mechanical keyboard metal wire drawing aluminum panel - Jingdong
feature of product
Romer-G mechanical keyway, significantly boosts the trigger speed
5052 aluminum alloy panel, the anodized and drawing treatment, slim extraordinary, powerful and durable
Equipped with USB expansion port, with 12 touch keycap
Smart can be customized backlight, focused bright
Logitech G professional players choice
Professional game clan partner:
ROMER-G mechanical shaft
Increases the trigger speed by 25% *
The durable ROMER-G mechanical shaft is designed for gaming applications and the 1.5mm trigger distance gives you an unusual game speed and accuracy

- 1.5 mm trigger distance
- 45 grams of grams of pressure
- 25% increase in trigger speed *
- Trigger faster than rubber dots keyboard lift 44% **
* Compared with the Logitech G710 backlit mechanical game keyboard
** Compared with the Logitech G103 keyboard
Lasting key design
Using double-contact redundant design,
Making the keys all the same
Position trigger
* Compared with the Logitech G610 backlit mechanical game keyboard
* The above data comes from Logitech Labs
Increases key life by 40% *
5052 aluminum alloy panel
5052 aluminum alloy panel
5052 aluminum alloy panel, by anodizing and drawing treatment, slim appearance, more powerful and durable.
Popular floating button design
Suspension button design not only gives the G413 mechanical gaming keyboard with a sense of science and technology, in addition, it is easier to remove and drop the dirt.
USB expansion port
Plug and play
Additional dedicated USB cable ensures power transfer for dedicated USB expansion ports.
Plug and play
Dedicated USB cable also provides full-speed USB 2.0 port, insert the device does not miss any one beat, convenient, at your fingertips.
Concentrated and bright keys for backlighting
Performance-driven design
Center-style surface mount LED backlight, reduce light leakage
Equal and concentrated backlight, the appearance of fresh, glamorous
Leakage makes the letter blurred,
In the dark environment and look dazzling
Two colors are available
G413 CARBON is equipped with elemental red backlight
G413 SILVER Equipped with Peugeot White Backlight
Other functions
Press the F1-F12 function key to customize the key macro
In the Logitech game software for the favorite game custom F1-F12 function keys of the key macro, so you can have better performance.
Set your own macro
Use an existing profile or generic function key function
No red design
Even in the very intense game process, with the help of anti-collision function, the keyboard can still record the input instructions.
26 key No red function allows you to press any number of keys in any order to accurately implement the desired function.
Game mode switch
Use Fn + F8 to switch to game mode, and you can also customize the settings to disable the button after the game mode is turned on (the default mode, the game mode will disable the Windows key, FN key and context menu key).
* Need to install Logitech game software.
12 extra key caps and 1 button
12 extra touch buttons for your keyboard to make your keyboard as exciting as your game. The internal keypad makes it easy to replace the keycap.
* Most games are controlled on the left side of the keyboard. For example, two popular PC game types, FPS and MOBA, are focused on the WASD and QWER keys, respectively. Romer-G mechanical shaft with unique performance engraved keycap designed for this purpose.
Easy-to-use Logitech G Series game software
Home page
Customize the pointer settings
Lighting settings
Game mode button
Push the heat map
Set up
Package Contents
Product Size
Logitech 2 years limited hardware warranty
Real show photo
Game partner
Rich game keyboard product line
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