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 Bảng Vẽ Điện Tử Gaomon 1060Pro - 10x6 inch
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Bảng Vẽ Điện Tử Gaomon 1060Pro - 10x6 inch

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  • Gaomon 1060Pro Electronic Drawing Board - 10x6 inch  helps to sketch, map ideas, until you like it through the phone application and put it on the PC.

 Gaomon 1060Pro Electronic Drawing Board - 21.5 inch

  • With the stylus ridge added to the design, you don't have to worry about forgetting your pen somewhere, your brushes are better protected with the added tip of the cap. You just need to put the device in your bag and take it to work anywhere.
  • Save dozens of scrapbooks and pens every month. Compact design, easy to carry, use anywhere.
  • LCD screen withstands strong impacts. 
  • Touch pressure levels up to 8192 levels, allowing you to edit, navigate and create with the entire brush and pen, feel like using a real pen.

 Gaomon 1060Pro Electronic Drawing Board - 21.5 inch

  • The surface is an LCD panel, covered with a black electrostatic paint to create a familiar feeling like a regular board. The surface is not too smooth, but moderately smooth with a little roughness to limit slipping when moving the pen on the surface. Gives you an extremely smooth hand feeling, like you are writing on a real piece of paper.
  • Designed to fit comfortably in your hand, the pen tip is slightly raised for a natural, sharp, and natural writing feel like on a regular pen. When moving on the touch surface is extremely smooth. You will be amazed and delighted when you use this pen for the first time. In particular, the text on the screen also becomes darker or darker, respectively, when we press hard or lightly.


  • Packing list:1060PRO Drawing Tablet×1,Pen×1,Pen stand×1,USB cable×1,Instruction×1,TYPE-C  OTG connector ×1

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