• Rugged and versatile.

  • Excellent reliability and brightness even on the most difficult terrain.

  • German Technology.

  • Simple to use, no need to change the lamp line and easy installation(plug in & replace stock light bulbs).

  • Guarantee: 100% Authentic OSRAM Products. Made In China.

  • Buyer need to verify his car if it can install H4 100/90W 62204 bulbs or not.

  • Price Include: 1 piece of bulb.

Areas of application

  • Headlight for off-road use.

  • Rally and off-road.

Product features

  • Assortment with very high wattages and quality standards.

  • High-wattage off-road lamps.

Legal advice

  • Only approved for off-road use. Any use on public road traffic leads to cancellation of vehicle operating licence and loss of insurance cover.

  • No ECE approval.