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Discipline with Love and Limits: Practical Solutions to Over 100 Common Childhood Behavior Problems

Discipline with Love and Limits: Practical Solutions to Over 100 Common Childhood Behavior Problems

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Ngày xuất bản07-2019
Kích thước208x 138x 24mm
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This beloved parenting guide has taught thousands of parents to effectively manage the most common behavior problems in a loving yet firm way and increase your child's frustration tolerance and ability to delay gratification. Written for a new generation of parents and children, this completely revised and updated edition of Discipline with Love and Limitsaddresses key issues such as, talking back, travel meltdowns, and overeating, with new sections on: The surprising reasons that bribing and giving-in -- unhealthy discipline -- can cause toxic stress without parents and teachers even knowing it.The new, easy-to-remember Mind S.E.T. ® -- 3 positive steps that lower stress for you and your child in the heat of the moment.The recommended discipline solutions called for in the new December 2018 policy statement of The American Academy of Pediatrics for effective discipline by setting limits and teaching acceptable behaviors.The addition of over 50 new, common "asked-for" everyday behaviors challenging today's parents.Why and how our practical parenting solutions promote healthy brain development a million times a second, every day in children birth-5 years of age.With its easy-to-use format that breaks down the symptom, cause, preventative steps, and practical solutions for each issue, Discipline with Love and Limits is every parent's guide to building positive relationships with their children, teaching empathy and inclusiveness, and empowering their children to function at their best.

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