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Kingston 64GB TF (MicroSD) memory card U1 C10 A1 driving recorder & home surveillance camera dedicated memory card high durability
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Kingston 64GB TF (MicroSD) memory card U1 C10 A1 driving recorder & home surveillance camera dedicated memory card high durability

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Brand: Kingston
Reading speed: 5MB / sec
Applicable host: early education machine
Capacity: 16G
Type: MicroSD(TF)
product informationProduct Information
feature of productSelling Point
For digital gamers, the current picture, game, video, and music album files are getting bigger and bigger. They need a lot of storage space. If the capacity of the memory card is not enough, you will often encounter insufficient space. regret. The Kingston Class 4 microSDHC flash card has the same form factor as the standard microSD flash card on the market, but the microSDHC standard allows it to scale up to 32GB. It can provide enough space to store high-quality multimedia files such as videos and music without worrying about insufficient storage space.
The Kingston microSDHC flash memory card is a high-quality flash memory card that users trust and can be adapted to very demanding environments. Experienced users look at the quality assurance of major brands. Like other Kingston flash cards, this product also enjoys lifetime warranty and free technical support as well as Kingston's legendary reliability. For those who use high-end smartphones or other digital devices, the Kingston Class 4 microSDHC flash card gives you peace of mind.
Product FeaturesProduct Function
The Kingston microSDHC card is the same size as the current standard microSD card, and its design conforms to the 2.0 version of the SD specification. They are high-performance microSD flash cards that address the storage needs of high-quality digital cameras and camcorders and other personal electronic devices.

Comply with microSDHC standard

The size of the microSDHC flash card is very small, but it also meets the SDHC standard, which means it can be as high as 32GB (the standard microSD card is only 2GB at most). However, microSDHC cards are not backward compatible and can only be used on devices that support microSDHC. To ensure compatibility, it is recommended that you check the microSDHC logo on the reader and the corresponding device (mobile phone, portable media player, etc.).

Reliable and durable, lifetime warranty

To improve reliability and durability, our solid-state SDHC flash cards consist of non-volatile storage components that contain no moving parts that could be worn or damaged. In every corner of the mobile world, you can rely on and use Kingston's microSDHC card. Our products are rigorously tested and are guaranteed for life and provide free technical support.

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