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Màn hình nhiệt kế & ẩm kế Xiaomi Qingping Digital BLE5.0
Thương hiệu: Xiaomi

Màn hình nhiệt kế & ẩm kế Xiaomi Qingping Digital BLE5.0

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Thương hiệuXiaomi
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Màn hình nhiệt kế & ẩm kế Xiaomi Qingping Digital BLE5.0


Electronic LCD screen, white "paper" black characters show more clearly
Indesktop mode, open the stand and it can be placed steady on the desktop
Wall mode, built-in magnet can be rotated to adjust the angle
Ultra-wide viewing angle, almost 180°, it is easier to see the temperature and humidity in the room
Swiss Sensirion high-precision industrial grade sensor with fast response, accurate measurement and no drift
Low power consumption, battery can last for one year
With Bluetooth function
Automatically record temperature and humidity history data for up to 30 days(requires APP connection)

Product Name: ClearGrass Bluetooth Thermometer and Hygrometer lite
Product model: CGDK2
Product weight: 59 grams
Screen size diameter: 49.9 mm
Temperature range: 0 ~ 50 °C
Humidity range: 0 ~ 100% RH
Wireless Network Bluetooth 5.0
Battery type: CR2430 button battery

Product size: diameter 60.5 mm, thickness 13.7 mm
Product color: white

Package Includes:

1 x Bluetooth thermometer and hygrometer
1 x Wall sticker
1 x User manual
Detials Pictures:


This product is a product under the Xiaomi ecological chain. The product itself does not contain the Xiaomi logo


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