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Thương hiệu: NEJE

Máy Khắc Laser Neje Master 2 Plus Với Điều Khiển Ứng Dụng Ngoại Tuyến Có Thể Lấy Nét Đầu Laser 30W

Size: US Plug

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Thương hiệuNEJE
Xuất xứ thương hiệuChina
Xuất xứchina
Kích thước61×28.5×17


NEJE Master 2 Plus laser engraver boasts large worksize 255440mm, modifided air assist, MEMS roll protection, quiet running, and auto temperature adjustment. Comes with a 30W focusable laser module, which can deliver 7.5W 450nm blue light laser for easy engraving and cutting various soft materials. Multiple professional softwares are supported like LightBurn and Benbox. Provides off-line app control that is compatible with Android/Windows/iOS. This is a versatile laser engraving machine that will never disappoint you.

Larger worksize 25.544cm, 7.5W 450nm blue light laser for engraving and cutting.
Supports the latest firmwares and softwares like GRBL 1.1f, laserGRBL, Benbox, and Lightburn.
Provides off-line apps for wireless control and NEJE Scanner for wireless transfer, which are compatible with Android/Windows/iOS.
Built-in MEMS Roll protection will auto stop the machine if it falls off accidentally. And the protective glass can block laser light by over 90%.
Quiet running. Smart drivers can auto adjust the speed of cooling fan according to the temperature of laser.
Modified laser air assist, avoid smoke damage to the lens. Rugged aviation aluminum construction, made to last.
Engrave a wide range of soft materials: MDF/Balsa/Paper/Wood/Fabric/Plastic/Leather/Plywood/Foam Paper/Anodized Aluminum.

*Can Not Engrave: Metal/Glass/Stone/Ceramics/PCB/Stainless Steel/Reflective Material/Transparent Material.
*Smoke will be generated when burned, please pay attention to smoke exhaust indoors.
*Please wear laser goggles during usage and avoid touching the laser directly with your eyes and skin!
*Please avoid strongly impact on the machine.
*Children under 14 years of age are prohibited from using this product.
*Children over 14 years of age need adult supervision when using this product.
*More helps can be found in NEJE Wiki ().

Brand: NEJE
Material: Aviation aluminum, brass, stainless steel
Plug Type: US / EU (optional)
Laser Color: Blue
Working Voltage: DC 12V
Module Input: 20-30W
Optical Power Output: 7.5W (7500mW)
Wavelength: 445-450nm
Precision: 0.01mm
Lens Focal Length: 30~50mm
Beam Shape: Dot (Focusable)
Input Voltage: DC12V 3A
Safe Temperature Range: 60 ℃
Life Time: 10000 ~ 20,000 hours
Cooling Mode: Temperature sensor intelligent control + 10000 rpm 40mm cooling fan
Radiator Size: 4*6cm / 1.57*2.36in
Item Size: 6*4*4cm / 2.36*1.57*1.57in(laser module)
Item Weight: 202g / 7.12oz(laser module)
Package Size: 61*28.5*17cm / 24*11.22*6.69in

Packing List:
1 * Laser Engraver
1 * 30W Laser Module
1 * 12V 3A Power Supply
1 * User Manual
1 * Goggles
1 * Wood Board
5 * Paper
1 * Pen
1 * Brush
1 * Focusing Plate
4 * Angle Iron
1 * Alumina Wafer
3 * Ribbon
5 * Screw
2 * Hex Wrench
1 * Open Spanner

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