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Máy làm sữa đậu nành Xiaomi Youpin 300ML Nước ép trái cây Máy làm sữa đậu nành Ngũ cốc Máy làm súp không có bộ lọc Máy khuấy bột gạo Máy làm hoa quả cho thông minh
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Thương hiệu: Xiaomi

Máy làm sữa đậu nành Xiaomi Youpin 300ML Nước ép trái cây Máy làm sữa đậu nành Ngũ cốc Máy làm súp không có bộ lọc Máy khuấy bột gạo Máy làm hoa quả cho thông minh

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Xuất xứ thương hiệuChina
Xuất xứchina
Thương hiệuXiaomi

Mô Tả Sản Phẩm

Brand Name: Xiaomi

Power (Watts): 201-500W

Certification: CE

Capacity: <500ml

Place of Origin: CN (Place of Origin)

Charging port shape: oval

Volume of pulp container: <500ml

Cup body material: metal

Dimensions (Length x Width x Height (inches): 175*135*325mm

Model: Youpin Soy Milk Maker

Shell material: metal

Function: dry grinding

Function: Stirring

Type: Single gear (chewing) juicer

Note: This is a product of Xiaomi Mijia ecological chain, there is no Xiaomi Mijia LOGO on it, please note

Food for 1-2 people Multifunctional mini wall breaking machine Healthy and light food Luzhou flavor Filter-free straight beans Cold and hot without filtering Silent wall breaking

Is there a requirement for the water level of the wall breaker? The water level needs to be between the upper and lower water levels. If the water level is too low, it may cause the machine to dry out and reduce the product life. If the water level is too high, it is easy to overflow. Please use it according to the water level. What material is the wall breaker made of? The inner layer is 304 food stainless steel, the middle layer is vacuum insulation, and the outer layer is P anti-scalding material. Can you eat dried beans? The real rice mini wall breaker can directly dry beans without soaking or filtering, which is convenient and quick. How to clean? Cleaning is very simple. Add a proper amount of water to the water tank, select the cleaning function, wait a moment, and the machine will automatically clean. 

Dry beans smash the wall with one key Fresh life is no longer long to wait No need to soak beans in advance, dry beans should be hit directly. At any time, a cup of fresh soybean milk gives you full vitality.


Only by grinding and nourishing can we drink feminine flavor Soybean milk does not need to be filtered and tastes smooth Nutrition life, need fine ''polishing'' seven days a week, not heavy sample.


Pattern juice helps beauty Under the cup helps the waistcoat line plan Ordinary life needs fresh patterns to adjust. You can't have a cup of fresh juice at night. Delicious nutrition doesn't damage your fitness plan.

Fine nutrition, good porridge Porridge is good to drink but also easy to make Your private health ''small kitchen'', a cup of good drink at a time does not waste. In the busy life, give you a cup of nutrition fragrance comfort.

Multi stage cooking does not paste the bottom and does not overflow the pot Intelligent temperature control multi-stage cooking, food materials after multiple grinding and heating, fully extract the nutrition and fragrance from the broken wall, warm the stomach and warm the heart.


Special 3-layer 6-leaf fine steel wall breaking knife Broken wall, delicate, full release of nutrition You can't drink it's grainy. Zhenmi adopts food grade material and reasonable blade angle. After the last dry test, it can break the wall efficiently, release the nutrition of food materials, and ensure the delicate taste, healthy and delicious.

Multiple uniform vortex stirring From the first mouthful to the end, it is silky and fragrant The juice is rolled evenly, every inch is fully stirred, and the pulp and juice blend each other, making you feel silky and smooth in every mouthful. Rib turbulence

Fine grinding Have a good time Like whispers in lovers' ears Quietly, no one else can hear you Zhenmi upgrade noise reduction technology, noise reduction of 25% *, nutrition broken wall does not make noise, light food, quiet do not disturb, quietly take care of family feelings.


1-2 people eat privately and enjoy good food It's just a waste after drinking 300m, one cup at a time is just right, just the right amount, skillfully making life exquisite

No manual self-cleaning, elegant and lazy What my boyfriend doesn't want to do, I do it for you Key to self-cleaning, hand wash, say goodbye, heat to 50, start to bath the inner cup. The whole body is detachable, no dead corner, deep cleaning

Remove chlorine and drink more healthy water Drink more hot water than straight men It's a small, portable and clean water bottle for business trip.




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