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Máy Nén Khí Thông Minh Baseus Bơm Lốp Thổi Khí Mini Với Đèn LED Màn Hình Kỹ Thuật Số 4000mah 120PSI Không Dâyplay-video
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Thương hiệu: Baseus

Máy Nén Khí Thông Minh Baseus Bơm Lốp Thổi Khí Mini Với Đèn LED Màn Hình Kỹ Thuật Số 4000mah 120PSI Không Dây

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Thông tin chi tiết

Thương hiệuBaseus
Xuất xứ thương hiệuChina
Xuất xứchina

Mô Tả Sản Phẩm

1. Description:
Baseus Smart Air Compressor Portable Mini Air Inflator Tire Pump with Digital Screen LED Light 4000mAh 120PSI Wireless Inflatable Pump For Car Automobiles Bike Motorbike Basketball Inflatables

2. Features:
Compact and portable, only 130mm
Features LED digital displays to show tire pressure with one touch
Precise inflation after presetting tire pressure, automatic stop when reaching the right pressure which is friendly to a novice
Except far smart preset tire pressure, tire pressure can also be manually adjusted accordingly for safer driving
The permanent magnet motor with pure copper winding has strong power and high efficiency and the all-metal pressurized cylinder can provide enough power for inflation of car tires, plus heat-resistant PA66 GF33 piston rods to stabilize the body and avoid cylinder blast in high speed operation
Equipped with complete accessories for various needs, easy to handle emergencies, and all-in-one design to integrate various accessories into one body,easy to carry and anti-lost
Built-in high-capacity 18,650 lithium batteries far wireless use and fast inflation
The inflator pump is equipped with a ring-shaped air outlet and a connecting rod on the motor drives the fan to dissipate internal heat quickly and keep the motor running
Built-in lighting for nighttime use

3. Specification:
Product Name: Baseus Inflator Pump
Inflator pump size:130x80.21x46mm
Inflatable tube size:26.5cm0.5cm
Input voltage: DC7.4V
Input: 5V/2A
Current: 6A Max
Power: 45W Max
Charging time: 3h0.5h
Operating environment temperature:-10~60℃
Battery pack: 18650 x 2, 2000MAH each
Pressure gauge range: 5~150PSI (display flashes when exceeding 150PSI; exceeding 150PSI may damage the sensor,support pressure up to 120PSI)
USE for: Car,SUV, Business Car, Motorcycle,Bicycle, Basketball, Commercial vehicles,Swimming laps,Canoeing
Package size/weight: 18*10*6cm/580g

4.Usage Instructions
(1) Connect the air nozzles according to the products to be inflated.
(2) Connect the high pressure inflation tube to the main body.
(3) Long press the power button to turn on.
(4) Short press the mode button to select the desired mode.

5. Note:
There is a little of difference according to manual measurement.
Item color displayed in photos may be showing slightly different on your computer monitor since monitors are not calibrated same.

6. Package List:
1*Baseus Inflator Pump
1*1m Micro-USB charging cable
1*Inflation tube
1*Air nozzle
1*Bicycle brass nozzle
1*Ball needle

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