Sách - MBA Basics in 24 Hours! Additional Book 1 - Global Marketing and Foreign Trade Mana by Narasimhan G R (paperback)
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Sách - MBA Basics in 24 Hours! Additional Book 1 - Global Marketing and Foreign Trade Mana by Narasimhan G R (paperback)

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Publisher: Independently Published

Origin: United States (Imported)

ISBN 13: 9781075700118

Condition: Brandnew

Binding: paperback

Pages: 34

Dimensons: 229 x 152 x 2 | 64 (gram)

---------------------------------------- Business Administration is the combination of different areas of skills in management. Managing and maintaining several departments or areas of activities described in a single umbrella or vertical called management of business administration. The following areas are the main topics or chapters for the discussion under business administration, mostly common for any bachelors or masters stus. -Principles & Practices of Management-Human Resource Management-Financial Management-Marketing Management-Organisational Behaviour-Managerial Economics-Strategic Management-Management Information SystemsThen there are several branches extended in business administration like foreign trade, global marketing, international business, social work, information technology, finance, human resources etc. These above eight topics considered to summarise and define important brief summary and keywords under which various chapters for each topic are given (published in Amazon).This book covers the summaries and definitions of keywords for the topic 'Global Marketing and Foreign Trade Management' with the following duction to Global Marketing, The Global Economic Environment, Social and Cultural Environment, The Political, Legal and Regulatory Environments of Global Marketing, Global Customers, Global Marketing Information Systems & Research, Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning, Entry and Expansion Strategies: Marketing and Sourcing, Cooperative Strategies & Global Strategic Partnerships, Competitive Analysis and Strategy, Product Decisions, Pricing Decisions, Global Marketing Channels & Physical Distribution, Global Advertising, Global Promotion, Global E-Marketing, Leading, Organising and Monitoring the Global Marketing Effort & The Future of Global Marketing, International Monetary System, Foreign Exchange Market, Exchange Rate Determination, Exchange Rate Forecasting, Introduction to Exchange Risk and Management of Exchange of the chapters given with examples of Indian economy/trading related terms. But readers must understand the concepts of their own country's business & economy and other areas. As it has high level of contents in brief which can be covered in three hours maximum, readers can read other books from different authors to gain in-depth knowledge of the given business management and administration. This book gives quick glance & easy go chapters for any situation like interview, short answering and overall explanation to present others. Good Luck!

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