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Scholastic Phonics Booster Books : Box Set Level 9 (Include 6 Books, 2 Workbooks and 2 Audio CDs)
Tác giả: Scholastic

Scholastic Phonics Booster Books : Box Set Level 9 (Include 6 Books, 2 Workbooks and 2 Audio CDs)

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Công ty phát hànhScholastic
Nhà xuất bảnScholastic
Ngày xuất bản12-2014
Kích thước28 x 22 x 2 cm
Loại bìaBoxed set - Hardback


Phonics Booster makes children's reading ability soar to the sky!

Includes: 6 books + 2CD + 2 workbooks

  With the Internet era Pro, has become a must-read child's ability to acquire new knowledge and expand the field of view. The main function of this series of readers is to help children learn the skills of "reading" through the basic rules of phonics in the early stages of learning English. And through continuous practice to gain the ability to read.

  There are 6 sets in this series, each with 6 reading books, 2 pronunciation CDs and 2 workbooks. Each book will use 2-3 main pronunciations, such as op and sh, to develop an interesting story. In this story, the child will continue to read the words containing these two pronunciations. Because the goal is arranged in the story, the child can practice pinyin and reading without knowing it.

  Each reader has a rigorous design and lively arrangement, so it seems simple, but there are 15-30 commonly used exchanges in it. Children often absorb these words in enthusiastic reading.

The book features:

- Genre rich and childlike, including stories, new poems, nursery rhymes, conversations and scientific observations.
- Fully practice Phonics and use skills in reading.
- Equipped with workbook and Audio CD study guide, game card, extended learning effect, full review and strengthen sighwords.
- Booster reading instinct is used in conjunction with phonics reader to allow children to use phonics more maturely, and their reading ability and vocabulary will grow rapidly.

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