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Tai Nghe Chuyên Game Có Dây Logitech G233
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Tai Nghe Chuyên Game Có Dây Logitech G233

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In the case of
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Listen freely
Enjoy life
G233 prodigy
Wired gaming headset microphone
feature of product
The high-performance Pro-G audio drive unit can be accurately restored
High and low frequency, to provide outstanding sound fidelity
Multi-platform compatibility, support for PC, PC VR, mobile devices, PS4 ,
Xbox One and Nintendo Switch
Breathable sports material earmuffs, light and comfortable
Remove the noise reduction microphone and replace it with the mobile device cable, G233
Transformed into a stylish headset, anytime, anywhere, want to play to play
Logitech G professional players choice
High quality stereo

Pro-G technology uses a hybrid audio drive unit to enjoy the game.
The Pro-G audio driver unit offers outstanding sound fidelity, bass,
Treble accurate, regardless of the game, music or movies, you can enjoy the heart.
Pro-G audio drive unit
Multi - platform compatibility
Home | PC / Notebook
Use a 3.5 mm cable to connect the notebook. Use Y-type splitter (both ends are
Microphone and audio interface) to connect PC, play games, listen to music, chat with friends.
Living room | XBOX ONE / PS4
Use the 3.5mm PC / Game Console cable to connect Xbox One , PS4 and
Nintendo Switch , connect with high-quality sound effects.
* Some Xbox One controllers may need to be equipped with a separate Xbox One stereo headset microphone
Adapter used.
Mobile | Tablet PC / Mobile
Use a 3.5 mm mobile device cable to connect on a mobile device
Excellent sound effects.
Comfortable to wear
Lightweight design
259 grams, light and slim, to reduce the constraints caused by headset compression.
Rotatable ear pads
90 degrees can be flat design to make headphones more portable, and allows you to headphones hanging in the neck
Feel more comfortable.
Sports function ear pads
Sports function fabric, continuous wear for several hours, still feel soft and comfortable. Can be fabric
Remove the cleaning, so that the headset microphone to maintain a good state.
Removable, convertible
When inserting a noise-canceling microphone and a game cable, the G233 Prodigy is a full-featured feature
Game Headset Microphone. While removing the noise reduction microphone and replacing it with a mobile device cable,
G233 can also be transformed into a stylish headset, anytime, anywhere, want to play to play.
Mini anti-spray cover
To provide a clearer call effect, especially for the anchor and live, the clear expression of more
Important, wear more beautiful and generous.
Real show photo
Recommended package
RGB dazzling mechanical game keyboard
gaming Mouse
* Performance optimization button to provide you with fast, sensitive and reliable feedback
For all levels of players to bring a comfortable, durable experience
* Has about 16.8 million colors RGB dazzle and macro keys,
* Can be customized
* Dedicated media control keys
* The new 200-6000DPI sensor, equipped with 32-bit ARM
Processor, bringing accurate and high-speed tracking performance
* About 16.8 million color smart can be customized RGB lights, personality shine
* Comfortable use of hand and lasting service life, from many
Professional game player favorite Logitech G1 classic modeling
* Equipped with the main button tension system, providing the game-level response speed
* 6 keys and 1 set of onboard memory, set to your own
Macro command, easy to use
Rich game headset products
This article is intended to be advertised. The data used in this advertisement are not expressly included from Logitech Limited and / or its affiliates.
For DTS technology, see http://patents.dts.com.
Copyright 2013 Logitech. Logitech, Logi and other Logitech trademarks are owned by Logitech and are registered. Windows and Xbox One
Is a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation. PS4 is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc.
Dolby and the double D symbol are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. Dolby, Dolby Audio, Pro Logic and double D symbols are
Trademark of Dolby Laboratories. This product is manufactured under the authority of Dolby Laboratories. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
Some configuration files need to use USB connection, and install Logitech game software, software can be downloaded from logitech.com/downloads.
Xbox One must be used with a separate Xbox One Stereo Headset Microphone Adapter. PS4 and Xbox One are only available
Analog audio cable can run.
The light needs to use a powered USB interface.
The S / N number and the P / N number on the Logitech products are generally inconsistent with the S / N number and the P / N number on the packaging, because of the need for the management, control and traceability of the product and the packaging separately.

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