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THE MINIMALIST - Who is NOT in Favor of Minimalism

THE MINIMALIST - Who is NOT in Favor of Minimalism

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Ngày xuất bản09-2019
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14.5x20.5 (cm)

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If anyone ever wants to have a lifestyle or simplicity and flow, this is the book for you. It contains full of golden nuggets to live a life that brings you to your inner core of serenity. Splendid read!

Shawn Soo

Master Trainer and Transformational Coach,

Metalives Learning


I was intrigued to find a discourse on the outlook of the beauty, wealth and life. In a way, the author knows despite age, culture, ethnicity, race or background, the minimalist mind can be applied for individual fulfillment. We have identified as cosmopolitan, rushing towards everything, forgetting that auspices the of every being, is a balance, from within. This book draws to those fundamental thoughts.

Anderson Karige

Managing Director WLIN – Kenya


This book “The Minimalist” approaches minimalism in a totally different way as known by most people. It touches the “most depth” of the philosophy of minimalism, which is “minimalist mindset”.

This book will give you a positive picture about life and it will certainly help you achieve greater achievements in your life.

Welcome to the world of the “real Minimalists”.

Tran Trung Kien

Author – Author’s Mentor – Senior Consultant and Trainer about Books & Purpose Driven Life – Royal Books Founder


The author had an extremely interesting and humane way of seeing and applying the philosophy of “need and want”. I believe that the book will help readers to be more interested in life and know how to enjoy life even before the challenges.

Mrs. World Runner - up Nguyen Thu Huong

General Director of Nam Huong Media and Event


“The Minimalist” has touched on a topic that is of great interest to many readers, especially modern women. Clever reminders have led readers to enter their own minds to gradually understand the root cause of all jumbles in life. Throughout the book, unique experiences and feelings are expressed in the way that describes the minimalism in the thinking of the author.

Bui Thi Bach Hai

Journalist – Lawyer – Editor – in – Chief of Thoi Trang Tre Magazine


Right from the very first pages, I felt that this was the confidant of a friendly neighbor who was sharing her life experience. With a smart approach and witty and coherent reasoning, combining the whole elites of the East and the West, and very close to the youth, I believe the book will bring many benefits and can be able to change the lives of many people in a more positive way.

Tam Bui



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