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Ván Trượt Điện Tử Điều Khiển Từ Xa Xiaomi ACTON Blink S-R 3 Chế Độ Đen

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Easy to get started, skateboarding is as simple as that Easy to learn 500W | 15 times bicycle speed | 15% climb rate Aviation grade aluminum alloy body with high strengththisproductwithLEDlightverycoolinthenight,andveryconvenientforyoudailylife.Itwillbeabestpartnerforyou.Wirlessremotecointrol|OmnidirectionalLEDLightGroup|12KmEndurance
SingleHubSystem, 7MileRange, 16MPH, 3RideModes, ImprovedBrakingAcceleration, 15%InclineRate, SignatureSafetyLEDLighting, WirelessRemoteControlled
Easytogetstarted,skateboardingisassimpleasthat. Easytolearn,notneedlongtermexercise.
7 layersofCanadianmaplewood|100kgMaximumLoad|11mmthick
12Kmbatterylife|1.5hourchargingtime|10pieces 18650Batteries
Very important: Please Note that It's a Chinese version, comes with Chinese User Manual.
You can download English user guide in FAQ link
Need to download Acton APP in iOS APP Store OR Android Play Store
Do not use ACTON until you raed and thoroughly understand the Owners Manual. It contains information that is critical to your safety.
Only for people 16 years of age and older.
Always wear protective gear including knee, elbow, and wrist guards and an approved safety helmet when riding
Only use BLINKon paved surfaces or on gentle slopes. Do not use on dirt, sand, deep slopes, or slippery surfaces. Use caution when going down hill.
Q: My BLINK S/SR is not responding to the remote.
A: Please try to resync your remote with your board, by following the instruction.
Your board must be powered on throughout the entire remote pairing process.
1, Turn on your board.
2, Switch on your remote.
3, After turning on the board, hold the power button for 10 seconds
4, Open the battery case of the remote and use a pen tip or similar sized tool to push the silver button once.
5, Once remote is paired, the blue LED ligh on the top of the remote will flash rapidly.
6, Check the connection by pushing the throttle forward. The wheel should speed up and youre ready to ride!
Q: I cannot find the board on the ACTON App
A: Please make sure the Bluetooth is turned on on your smart devices. Please also make sure both the remote and your board are turned on as well.
Please make you have the latest version of the ACTON App, visit App Store or Play Store to check if theres any update
Try to connect with the board using a different smart device.
Q: I connected my skateboards via ACTON App, but there is no mileage showing on the App.
A: Please make sure your remote is turned on.
Q: I cannot login on ACTON App.
A: The account on actonglobal.com is not the same as the account on ACTON App. Username and password are case sensitive,
please make sure you enter the correct account information. You can also reset your password using the email you used for the ACTON App account.
Q: The mileage I got on the board is shorter than whats on the specs sheet.
A: The range estimates are based on relatively level riding environment designed to reflect light riding conditions and rider behavior.
Conditions to achieve optimal range: Rider Mode: Beginner at cruising speed.
How and where you ride: Smooth, consistent riding without having many changes in acceleration and braking.
Dont forget to turn off the board and remote when you are not riding it! This can help preserve its range x x
Q: User Manual Download
A: cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0301/6769/files/BLINK_S2.02.26.pdf?6274031707109036325

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