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The Wealth of Nations (Bantam Classics)

Adam Smith

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154.400đ 235.000đ -34%

This unabridged edition offers the modern reader a fresh look at a timeless and seminal work that revolutionized the way governments and individuals view the creation and dispersion of... Xem chi tiết

Misbehaving: The Making Of Behavioural Economics - Paperback

Richard H. Thaler

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228.000đ 330.000đ -31%

From the renowned and entertaining behavioural economist and co-author of the seminal work Nudge, Misbehaving is an irreverent and enlightening look into human foibles. Xem chi tiết

DK The Facts Visually Explained: How Money Works


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389.700đ 561.000đ -31%

Warren Buffett And The Interpretation Of Financial

Mary Buffett - David Clark

(3 nhận xét)

259.000đ 330.000đ -22%

With an insider's view of the mind of the master, Mary Buffett and David Clark have written a simple guide for reading financial statements from Buffett's successful perspective. Xem chi tiết

Digital Gold - Paperback

349.680đ 376.000đ -7%

Digital Gold Xem chi tiết

Digital Gold: The Untold Story Of Bitcoin - Paperback

Nathaniel Popper

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254.100đ 363.000đ -30%

A New York Times technology and business reporter charts the dramatic rise of Bitcoin and the fascinating personalities who are striving to create a new global money for the Internet age. Xem chi tiết

The Road to Ruin

James Rickards

(3 nhận xét)

460.350đ 495.000đ -7%

In The Road to Ruin, bestselling author James Rickards identifies how governments around the world are secretly preparing an alternative strategy for the next big crisis: a lockdown. Xem chi tiết

Harvard Business Review Guide To Finance Basics For Managers

Harvard Business Review

(1 nhận xét)

436.170đ 469.000đ -7%

How To Be An Overnight Success

Maria Hatzistefanis

207.900đ 297.000đ -30%

Quit Like A Millionaire

Kristy Shen

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227.650đ 384.000đ -41%