Classic bán chạy

Little Women

Louisa May Alcott

(96 nhận xét)

184.800đ 231.000đ -20%

The Picture Of Dorian Gray

Oscar Wilde

(50 nhận xét)

132.800đ 165.000đ -20%

To Kill A Mockingbird (Paperback) - 50th Anniversary Edition - Giết con chim nhại

Harper Lee

(76 nhận xét)

102.100đ 264.000đ -61%

"Shoot all the bluejays you want, if you can hit 'em, but remember it's a sin to kill a mockingbird." A lawyer's advice to his children as he defends the real mockingbird of Harper Lee's... Xem chi tiết

The Great Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald

(58 nhận xét)

132.000đ 165.000đ -20%

Compass Classic Readers 1: Just So Stories (With Mp3) (Paperback)

Rudyard Kipling

(4 nhận xét)

42.300đ 141.000đ -70%

Compass Classic Readers 5: Shakespeare's Comedies (With Mp3) (Paperback)

William Shakespeare

(10 nhận xét)

42.300đ 141.000đ -70%

Emma (Reissue)

Jane Austen

(9 nhận xét)

158.400đ 198.000đ -20%

Compass Classic Readers 4: David Copperfield (With Mp3) (Paperback)

Charles Dickens

(11 nhận xét)

98.700đ 141.000đ -30%

Compass Classic Readers 3: Frankenstein (With Mp3) (Paperback)

Mary Shelley

(8 nhận xét)

42.300đ 141.000đ -70%

Wordsworth Classics : The Casebook Of Sherlock Holmes and His Last Bow

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

(8 nhận xét)

23.500đ 82.500đ -72%

Surely no man would take up my profession if it were not that danger attracts him. In The Casebook, you can read the final twelve stories that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote about his... Xem chi tiết

Wordsworth Editions: The Little Prince (Hoàng Tử Bé)

Antoine De Saint-Exupéry

(145 nhận xét)


The Little Prince is a classic tale of equal appeal to children and adults. On one level it is the story of an airman's discovery, in the desert, of a small boy from another planet Xem chi tiết

Sense and Sensibility

Jane Austen

(11 nhận xét)

52.800đ 198.000đ -73%

Wordsworth Classics: Treasure Island

Robert Louis Stevenson

(25 nhận xét)

74.000đ 83.000đ -11%

Fifteen men on the dead man's chest-Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!' Treasure Island is a tale of pirates and villains, maps, treasure and shipwreck. When young Jim Hawkins finds a packet in... Xem chi tiết

The Alchemist - Nhà Giả Kim

Paulo Coelho

(238 nhận xét)

145.000đ 231.000đ -37%

With Paulo’s visionary blend of spirituality, magical realism and folklore, The Alchemist is a story with the power to inspire nations and change people’s lives. Xem chi tiết

Compass Classic Readers 5: A Tale Of Two Cities (With Mp3) (Paperback)

Charles Dickens

(15 nhận xét)

98.700đ 141.000đ -30%

The Great Gatsby - Vintage

F Scott Fitzgerald

(22 nhận xét)

60.900đ 99.000đ -38%

The Great Gatsby - Vintage Xem chi tiết

The Godfather (Paperback) - Bố Già

Mario Puzo

(68 nhận xét)

228.000đ 297.000đ -23%

Tyrant, blackmailer, racketeer, murderer - his influence reaches every level of American society. Meet Don Corleone, a friendly man, a just man, areasonable man. The deadliest lord of the... Xem chi tiết

Compass Classic Readers 3: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (With Mp3) (Paperback)

Robert Louis Stevenson

(16 nhận xét)

98.700đ 141.000đ -30%

Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn - Những cuộc phiêu lưu của Sawyer

Mark Twain

(5 nhận xét)

23.500đ 83.000đ -72%

Tom Sawyer, a shrewd and adventurous boy, is as much at home in the respectable world of his Aunt Polly as in the self-reliant and parentless world of his friend Huck Finn. The two enjoy a... Xem chi tiết

Compass Classic Readers 6: Nicholas Nickleby (With Mp3) (Paperback)

Charles Dickens

(20 nhận xét)

98.700đ 141.000đ -30%

The Catcher In The Rye (Mass Market Paperback)

J. D. Salinger

(34 nhận xét)

121.400đ 235.000đ -48%

Anyone who has read J.D. Salinger's New Yorker stories ? particularly A Perfect Day for Bananafish, Uncle Wiggily in Connecticut, The Laughing Man, and For Esme ? With Love and Squalor,... Xem chi tiết

Wordsworth Classics: Far From The Madding Crowd

Thomas Hardy

(9 nhận xét)


And lastly of the introverted and reclusive gentleman farmer Mr Boldwood whose love fills him with... a fearful sense of exposure when he first sets eyes on Bathsheba. The background of... Xem chi tiết

Wordsworth Classics: A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens

(15 nhận xét)

68.800đ 83.000đ -17%

One of the best-loved and most quoted stories of "the man who invented Christmas" - English writer Charles Dickens - A Christmas Carol debuted in 1843 and has touched millions of hearts... Xem chi tiết

Compass Classic Readers 2 Peter Pan (With Mp3) (Paperback)

J.M. Barrie

(8 nhận xét)

42.300đ 141.000đ -70%

Sense And Sensibility (Collins Classics)

(8 nhận xét)

63.200đ 79.000đ -20%

Sense And Sensibility (Collins Classics) Xem chi tiết