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Oxford Learner's Pocket Dictionary : A Pocket-sized Reference to English Vocabulary (Fourth Edition)

(585 nhận xét)

64.000đ 75.000đ -15%

Up-to-date vocabulary with new words from British and American English Oxford 3000 keywords (the most important words to learn in English) are marked with a key symbol Corpus-based... Xem chi tiết

Oxford Learner's Pocket Phrasal Verbs and Idioms

Nhiều Tác Giả

(158 nhận xét)

129.000đ 188.000đ -31%

Oxford Learner's Pocket Grammar: Phrasal Verbs And Idioms Xem chi tiết

Oxford Collocations Dictionary for Students of English (Second Edition)

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341.000đ 407.000đ -16%

The dictionary that helps students write and speak natural-sounding English, now in a new edition with CD-ROM. Which words usually go together? This dictionary shows you the common word... Xem chi tiết

Oxford Learner's Pocket Grammar: Pocket-sized Grammar To Revise And Check Grammar Rules

John Eastwood

(133 nhận xét)

94.000đ 108.000đ -13%

Each of the 180 grammar topics is organized into 2-page sections Explains how the grammar for each topic is used and how to avoid mistakes Includes a tip to help students sound more natural... Xem chi tiết

Oxford Idioms Dictionary for Learners of English (New Edition)

(85 nhận xét)

99.600đ 136.000đ -27%

A clear and accessible dictionary that explains over 10,000 frequently-used idioms. Xem chi tiết

Oxford Phrasal Verbs Dictionary (Elt)

(47 nhận xét)

132.000đ 148.000đ -11%

The information students need to understand over 6,000 common phrasal verbs and use them correctly. Xem chi tiết

Oxford Learner's Pocket Thesaurus: A Dictionary Of Synonyms For Learners Of English

(125 nhận xét)

131.600đ 161.000đ -18%

A handy, pocket-size thesaurus which helps students find synonyms and opposites for over 5,000 key words. Xem chi tiết

Oxford Basic English Dictionary 4th Edition

Oxford University Press

(42 nhận xét)

95.339đ 130.000đ -27%

Over 19,200 words and phrases explained in clear, simple English. Over 200 new words added, including app, tweet, wind farm. The 2,000 most important and useful words to learn at this level... Xem chi tiết

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary (9th Edition): International Student's Edition

(97 nhận xét)

340.560đ 387.000đ -12%

The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary is the ultimate speaking and writing tool for developing the skills students need for passing exams and communicating in English. Xem chi tiết

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary Paperback + DVD + Premium Online Access Code (includes Oxford iWriter) (9th Edition)

(203 nhận xét)

422.000đ 475.000đ -11%

The Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary is the ultimate speaking and writing tool for developing the skills you need for passing exams and communicating in English Xem chi tiết

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary: International Student's Edition (9th Edition)

(12 nhận xét)

350.550đ 369.000đ -5%

More Like This lists help students learn similar types of words (e.g. uncountable nouns, onomatopoeic words, idioms with rhyming pairs such as thrills and spills, fair and square) Xem chi tiết

Oxford Student's Dictionary

(12 nhận xét)

207.900đ 219.000đ -5%

Updated with hundreds of new words, the Oxford Student's Dictionary is a corpus-based dictionary with the curricular, academic and general English vocabulary students need to know to study... Xem chi tiết

Access Grade 9 Student's Book w/EC

Virginia Evans - Jenny Dooley

(2 nhận xét)

179.520đ 204.000đ -12%

Giáo trình ACCESS -  Lớp 9 - Bài học là giáo trình tiếng Anh được thiết kế dành riêng cho học sinh đang học tiếng Anh tại các trường Trung học Cơ sở, chương trình tiếng Anh tăng cường. Xem chi tiết

Oxford Learner's Pocket Verbs And Tenses

Jon Hird

(37 nhận xét)

139.260đ 188.000đ -26%

A concise explanation of a key element of the English language: verbs and tenses Helps you avoid mistakes with tips and examples of common errors Gives examples from spoken and written... Xem chi tiết

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary: Hardback with CD-ROM (includes Oxford Iwriter)

Joanna Turnbull

(12 nhận xét)

575.700đ 606.000đ -5%

The world's best-selling advanced learner's dictionary, now with Oxford iWriter to help students plan, write and review their written work. Xem chi tiết

Oxford Learner's Thesaurus with CD-ROM

(36 nhận xét)

284.900đ 307.000đ -7%

Oxford Learner's Thesaurus with Cd-Rom - A synonyms dictionary written especially for learners. It groups words with similar meanings and explains the differences between them. Xem chi tiết

Oxford Learners Pocket Dictionary of Business English: Essential Business Vocabulary In Your Pocket

(63 nhận xét)

87.400đ 104.000đ -16%

A pocket-sized dictionary of Business English that serves as a reference of business terms for those using English in their working lives. Xem chi tiết

Oxford Picture Dictionary For Kids: Monolingual English Dictionary (2 Ed.)

(12 nhận xét)


Oxford Picture Dictionary For Kids -  Second Edition: Monolingual English Dictionary Paperback Xem chi tiết

Oxford Wordpower Dictionary, 4th Edition Pack (With CD-ROM)

Nhiều Tác Giả

(21 nhận xét)

321.100đ 338.000đ -5%

Updated with the latest vocabulary and NEW Oxford iWriter on CD-ROM, the new edition of Wordpower builds vocabulary fast and develops writing skills. Xem chi tiết